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雨時糧之視覺識別系統(Visual Identity)可分為標誌、標準字與視覺形象,標誌採用手寫書法體設計而成的中文標誌,並強調文字的部首,例如:雨字中間的點、時字的偏旁日以及糧的偏旁米,他們分別代表了雨水、太陽以及糧食。視覺形象則以農家必備的「工寮」及「曬穀場」刻畫產品天然、手工的製作方式,此外,用來借代的雨水及太陽的部首,也分別代表乾貨系列及竹筍系列。創作手法「版畫」則實踐了農家凡事靠雙手的勤奮精神。

The brand "YU-SHIH-LIANG" is named from a Taiwanese slang-'Remember to preserve the food even in sunny days.' The original concept was to remind people of preparing foods for rain or natural disasters; hence, all kinds of vegetable pickles and dried foods emerged as the times required. The "YU-SHIH-LIANG" team comes from a farmyard family. Factors like inheriting the pickling and drying skills from last generation, diligence and frugality have cultivated our products, and also are the core value of "YU-SHIH-LIANG".


The CIS of "YU-SHIH-LIANG" are designed by using the engraving of the "barn" and the "drying ground" essential in normal farmyard families. The sun and rain that everyday relied by farmers are represented by Chinese radicals to indicate the drying food series and the pickled bamboo shoots series. Meanwhile, the creating technique of engraving is the practice of the diligence from the farmyard family who do things with their own hands.

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Tingyi.S Lin

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