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Welcome to Longshan Temple


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With more than 200 years history of cultural significance, Lungshan Temple was built in the most prosperous area of Taipei, and therefore serves as a spiritual center for the entire city. To get to know Taiwan’s temple cultures, it is a must to begin with a visit to the Bangka Business District to discover Lungshan Temple’s art of architecture, feel the culture, understand the praying procedure and pray for good fortune using wooden divining blocks. We hope from the moment you first set foot in Lungshan Temple, you will not only fully understand the traditional customs of the orient but also acknowledge the unique local culture of Bangka. With this handbook in hand, we will take you on a journey into a country of religion. With the concept of Service Design, Taiwan’s culture of temples could be more exquisite and modernized, which can make local cultures to be on the international tourist stage, become local distinguish features, and distinctive competitiveness.

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