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Tasty Mandarin Phonetic Symbols


「新住民」是來自國外與臺灣人結婚,並在臺灣定居的新族群。為了能與家人溝通並教養孩子,學會說中文變成最重要的工作,該創作將輔助他們踏出「講中文」的第一步 — 學習注音符號。注音符號是臺灣正在使用的拼讀系統,它與英文中的字母一樣重要,所有中文發音都由它構成,是學習中文的基礎。而為了讓他們更容易學習,該創作將台灣最著名且每天都會接觸的「小吃」帶入符號系統,一道小吃代表一個注音符號,透過生活體驗與學習連貫,使學習更輕鬆,印象更深刻。

 " New Immigrants" are the new groups from abroad who married Taiwanese and settled in Taiwan. To be able to communicate with family and educate children, to learn to speak Chinese becomes the most important task for them. “Tasty Mandarin Phonetic Symbols” will help them to take the first step of "speaking Chinese" - the learning of mandarin phonetic symbols, which are the phonetic spelling system used in Taiwan as important as the English letters. All the Chinese pronunciation is consisted of mandarin phonetic symbols, which are the basis of learning Chinese. In order to make it easier for new Immigrants to learn, “Tasty Mandarin Phonetic Symbols” brings Taiwanese daily "snacks" into the symbol system, and a snack represents a phonetic symbol to make learning easier and more impressive through life experience.

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Tingyi.S Lin

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