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Packaging Design

Natural Farm



The ”Natural Farm” is located in the countryside of Nan'ao, Taiwan. The farm owner cultivates the crops like rice, peanut, carrot and so on with the primitive “natural agricultural method” —using no fertilizer—to be mutual coexistence with the mother earth. The whole process attributes to the natural resources and farmers’ working, so as to offer the most natural, primitive produce.


The engraving images of ”Natural Farm” reveal the core value of the farm—“original, plain and simple”. The packaging images mainly described the handmade generating process of the produce as well as the natural environment, such as: the scenery of farmlands lying under the hills, and the picture of rice growing in natural status without weeding or using insecticides. With these images, we hope to convey the ideal of Natural Farm—live in a symbiotic lifestyle with environment, and generate healthy crops.

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Tingyi.S Lin


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